Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bite Me.

And he did. That damned brown recluse. He gave me a bunch of poison in my right arm.
So today I've been in and out of seeing the Dr. (Thank you dad.) I locked my keys in my house. Today has been horrible. I've been really upset because I have this rather small, but painful bite on my arm that could, if not being taken care of properly...make my arm fall off. So, some meds and 2 shots in the butt later here I am.

And I retract that statement about today being horrible. This morning was rather wonderful. We went and had tea outside at this cute little coffee shop. Took Franklin (the cutest boxer ever) who was attracting all the little old ladies. One even forgot where she was going because she had to come over and pet him. After, we came home and I was supported by my dearest when I found that stupid bite.

We're bombing the house tomorrow. Dad bought me 12. Should get the job done. I hope.

Bye-Bye Spiders,
-Ashley Nichole

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting Star(s).

Meteor shower and picnic @ 3 am in Loose Park, I think so. 
Last night was fun.

 Photo shoot went really well. As soon as I get the pictures I'll share them here. 

My mom got her business license! I'm so excited to help out with the store! I get to order all my oils and what not through her at cost. Look for my line of natural beauty products to hit near the holiday season. 

-Ashley Nichole