Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doors that open, doors that close.

There are doors in life that are closed, closed for a reason and maybe a reason unknown.

Then there are doors that open, unknowing of what they might bring.

Accept things that come your way. You can have a pity party all your life and push positive things away but that will get you nowhere. Know that you are unique and accept that, regardless of the things that have happen in your past. Learn from them. Strive to be an optimistic person, better than who you were yesterday.
    I'm not saying to never be pessimistic because there is a time and place for that but it shouldn't consume your life. It's unhealthy and nothing good can come of it. I PROMISE. Like attracts like.
I know, I know, easier said than done but start small. Start believing in yourself.

If you want to loose weight remind yourself that it doesn't happen over night.
If you want to get better grades remind yourself that it takes a lot of hard work and studying.

Nothing you every really want will be easy, because if it was easy,  you wouldn't want it.

Think about it,
-Ashley Nichole

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitchen Aid, my mixer.

For as long as people have been getting married I feel that Kitchen Aid mixers have been given as gifts.
I've wanted one for a very long while but I'm in no rush to get married.
Here's the story of how I got mine....

Ryan's neighbors were moving and said we could have anything in their house.
His roommates had said something about a mixer being in the kitchen and I was determined to get my little hands on that bad boy.
So, on St. Patrick's day I woke up at 8 am and ran next door. I got Ryan a camera and a ton of yarn, material... You know things we really need. Ahhem.
So I go in the kitchen, I wanted to cry. Not only was it rather pathetically disgusting but there was nothing in there! Not a damned thing.
I started to leave when I looked to the left and saw that the dining room was covered in boxes.... And there she was, my perfectly grotesque, neglected mixer. 
Before you knew it I was on the front porch with a bottle of Spic and Span scrubbing my heart out.

My little mixer has a home now. She beams white with sterilization and joy to be finally appreciated again. Booohhhyaaaa grandma! I got the damned mixer I've been dreaming of.
So I guess that's what you have to do. Focus on things you really want. I know this is a rather petty example but it's an example. It may have not come in a box with lots of Styrofoam to clog up the landfills, but it's mine.Visualize what you want, clearly. You will get it, maybe not in the exact form of how you imagined it, but you will get it.
 Hence your life.....!!!!

I hope this is soaking through....
-Ashley Nichole

And P.S. there's nothing wrong with going out and spending $300+ dollars on one of these if you have the money, but I wouldn't recommend it. Get married and put it on your registry.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For fuck sake....

I don’t understand some people.
 Wait, let me narrow that down...
I don’t understand lazy people. 
Do you realize that the time you are wasting could be using to make a difference? 
Did you know that the time you're wasting could be used to better yourself by making money? 
DID YOU KNOW the time you're wasting you’ll never get back?!!?
I’m all about having fun & having a good time but you’ve had the past 20 something years to dick around. 
Let’s get serious. 
Let’s get this ball rolling! 

Yeah, I used the "F" word.
-Ashley Nichole