Saturday, November 22, 2008

I can breathe now... Well, for a second.

I'm done moving. (For the most part.)
I never really relaized how much stuff I had that I could go without, so with that being said I'm selling a few of my things.
My Coach shoes...
My Tiffany's Braclet...
A bunch of my clothes.
Less is more and I need to help people with nothing. So with the money I get from the shoes and-what-not I'm going to buy toys for Toy's for tots.

I've been slacking on this blogg major.
My grandma was admitted to the E.R. for congestive heart failure,
I moved,
You know life and the never ending list of things that happen.
I need to study for the HOBBIT test, for my L.P.N. entrance. It's full of fractions and I hate fractions. Eh!

Alright, time for work!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I got my first test back....
Yaaaa snittchesss!!!!

-Ashley Nichole

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I swear if I get sick right now, it could be a very very horrible thing. I'm trying to fight it off as we speak, but my body is going under!!! Ehhh.
I can only miss 8 hours of class! That's only 2 days! Anyway...
My mind is full of everything right now but,
It's getting closer and closer to my birthday and Christmas!!!

I need some tea and a seaweed wrap!!!
-Ashley Nichole

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a BOO-tiful night!

Last night...
I, as always was on my best behavior! Courtney and Eric's wedding was a ton of fun!!!
Even though they make me, I love them both very much and couldn't be happier for them! They had this candy table... I just sat there and drooled over it all night long. I was in a trance sitting there eatting my rock candy sucker! Ummm!
After the wedding we went and saw Scott. P&L was re-dick-u-lassssss. Not only was I surprised by how crazy busy it was, but I was kinda of disappointed by the lack of slut outfits I saw. NOT! Gawd, put some clothes on. If you want to stand out be original. If I would of seen one more "fire fighter" costume I would of puked!
Apparently my father went to p&l last night as well.... But he went at 8, just to say hi to Scott and see what all the buzz wazzz. Weird, but okay.

This coming Thursday I take 1 of the 3 biggest tests I have before the state exam. Bahhhhhhhhhhh. Hahaha. And after freaking myself out about St. Mary's come to find out it was pretty painless. I went, met the D.O.N. and went on a tour, gave her all my paperwork and off I went. It's split into different types and what not, but it's like night and day between the mentally ill and the "normal" patients. There are codes on every door. (Hope the code isn't very long... I'm pretty little and if some big guy tries to take a bite out of me I'm screwed. I'm horrible with codes. My parents house alarm that I've have to use a trillion times sometimes slips my mind and I have a sweet chat with the police officers telling them know that at one time this was my place of residents and I'm just feeding the dammm dog!)

Another reminder. The boutique's fashion show is November 14th. (Which is a Friday, $20 in advance, $25 at the door and $35 for V.I.P.) I'm also in the night world fashion show for Cali Roberta again. November 8th. Crazy weird theme, as always. Wooohooo.

I've semi put my drinking on hold, but last night was an exception. Needless to say I'm hurting pretty bad today at work. Eh, I just want a cheeseburger and fries. Something horribly bad for me, but tastes oh so good! Thank goodness for my boyyyy friend cause I can't leave work!
Alright enough rambling... I need to pick out things for our web-page and maybe re-style some things around the boutique.
-Ashley Nichole