Monday, July 25, 2011

Penny, pinch this!

So I've started a new hobby of thrifting.
I have my own e-bay store and quite frankly it's doing rather well.
Helping me pay for school. Not such a bad idea on my part.
Along with my store I dogsit. Get my fulfillment of mans best friend for a week or so and get some pretty penny's.
Life's going well.
Ride the waves, be optimistic and what you want your life to be will come to you, but in a less obvious form than what you think.
Trust me.
Look back on your life from 3 years ago. If your not where you want to be, break your circle.
Breaking it as in the habit of your everyday life.
Do something different.
It's scary. I promise the life waiting for you is way. More. Fun.

Ashley Nichole

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I'm going to take the time and bitch for the next 3 minutes, yes only 3.
•I hate existential breakdowns.
•I hate it when people don't pay for the things they've won on e-bay AFTER a bidding war with someone who was really going to pay for the damned thing.
•I hate corporate visits. I bust my bum alllll week so you can come in for 10 seconds, nod your head a little and leave without introducing yourself.
•I don't like getting older because my bones/muscles/brain power is nothing, NOTHING like it used to be.
And last but not least I don't like that my name isn't Mary Poppins or that I don't produce the same magical capabilities that she did/does.

2.34 seconds,
-Ashley Nichole