Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An itch I can't scratch...

I think I may have been bitten by a bug. Or that I've caused myself to breakout in a rash because of stress, but none the less I have this itch I'm not supposted to scratch behind my damn left ear. Horrific I tell you just plain horrible.

Tomorrow I have a big test so you know you'd think I'd be studying right? Wrong. Here I am reading "Linda Goodman's LOVE SIGNS" and studying Latin. You know that language that's been dead for a few years now that no one uses and is a complete waste of my time. None the less I'm learning things...not what I need to be soooooo I'll be up for a while tonight. Hopefully, I have a sinus migrain.

Today was a good day. Got some painting done. Laid out in my yard, (causing a near fatal accident with two of my neighbors). Went and saw my grandparents, who, tried giving me this poor helpless cat with no front or back claws. (I declinded. I'll pick up/pick out my own kitten when I get done with the house.) And got fed by my mother who indeed is a bit on the ditzy side. (I think that may just be the Aries in her.)

I need to take back my red box! Damn another day!!!
Ashley Nichole

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ding Ding, we have a weener.

As I was watching The Time Travelers Wife last night (finally), I came to the conclusion.... I came to the conclusion that life is short. I mean I already knew that we are dying as I speak. I mean honestly who came up with this idea? But anyway, life is short and I'm not so I need to make the most of it. Future plans include Australia and becoming an RN and if mr. right comes along he'll have to super prove himself to me. I don't see that happening anytime soon so I'll just worry about myself and getting all my shizz in line.

As I get attacked by Wrigley "the dog" I realize I want a pet. Maybe not a dog for obvious reasons but a cat or a mini-pony. Something.

And you know what? I love Brookside. It's super beautiful and there are tons of amazing runners. A.k.a. the tall, tan, gorgeous guy that Brittaniee and I drooled over today on our walk. Maybe we should start running? Huummm. <-To get your tickets to the show on Saturday. It's going to be a good time and after we're gonna have a  dance parrrtayyyyyy.

Love life and love this weather,
Ashley Nichole

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Know.

I know that right now I am extreamly tired. I couldn't sleep night. I'm again thinking about the Peace Corps. Right now I'm in the pros and cons phase. So that kept me awake. Also these allergies are driving me nuts, but hopefully that means it's really spring and summer is not that far off! 

I have a fashion show this weekend which I'm pretty excited about. Haven't done one of those in a while.

And with being the nerd that I am, I finally got my soap making kit, ha. So now all my friends will be super clean and smell gooooood. And if I really like doing it I may start banging them out and selling them. Who knows, I don't really have a lot of free time right now. Which is awesome and there are no complaints. Life is wonderful. I have the most amazing friends and family a person could ask for. Indeed.

I have a late clinical tonight, eh and then class super early. Oh well, get it done, get it out. of. the. way.

Also this Saturday is the organic farmers market at the Sermon Center. I plan on picking up some goodies and cooking away. Stoked.

-Ashley Nichole

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plan B, and no we're not talking about birth control....

Dear 2010,
   You have been an eye opener. Thank you, thank you for making me stronger and teaching me more about myself than I ever could. Thank you for showing me the people who really matter the most; the people that are really there and who really care. I thank you for I guess, letting me hit rock bottom. Thank you for letting all of this happen now so I can have a better future. Thank you for my independence and my strength to be whatever I choose and make decisions that will better ME.

-Ashley Nichole

    There is only one word to decribe how I feel right now: and that word would be...
Okay, I lied. There's not just one word that can express me right now. All I know is that I, Ashley Nichole am a very strong, independent, determinded woman and anyone or anything in my way of being or getting what I want in the future will crumble. Period. End of story. So please, let's not waste anymore of my time thinking about what could have been or what I even thought about the future. I don't "need" anyone. I don't need a manipulative (excuse my french) piece of shit controlling my life. I am able and purely capable of my own life. Hence why some people are no longer in it...
    It seems that when the marshmellows hit the fan, I have a friend who can clean the blades off and make everything actually better than what it was. To know that I have people who look up to me and see the things in myself that I at the time can't even fathom is, is like a breath of fresh air after suffocating on fables, lies, decepiton. You know, all that good stuff. So, needless to say I am changing my outlook on life. It's easy to look at the bad, the "talked about future" that didn't happen but that's the easy way out and I am not scared of taking chances and looking on the bright side.

    I will get this house finished, I know it won't be tomorrow and I know it's not what I want forever but it will be mine. It will be MY nest. It will be my refuge from the world.

So, bring on the wine nights with my best friends because I'm about to have the time of my life....
And live happily ever after.

-Ashley Nichole