Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be

To be or not to be? That's not the question, really. More or less the answer.
You're living and unless you want to end that, (in which I don't recommend) I suggest you confess your sins. Confessing your sins not in the way of religion parse, but more or less to yourself.
It is horribly hard to be honest with ones self. Truly, it is. To dig deep and muster up emotions, thoughts and feelings of the past or what one wants from the future can be a painful process. 

Once a person is able to dig deep they are able to open a door in which they did not know existed.

*Be open and honest with yourself!
Are you happy? If you are and it's true happiness, that's amazing and congratulations because you're worth it! If you aren't happy what or who is holding you back? No one should keep you from being happy. If you're unhappy because you're not with a person, grow some balls. They must not be there for a reason and maybe that reason is unknown but you can steer your life into happiness.

*Be comfortable in your own skin!
I can't put into words how important that is for people to be able to accept themselves for who they really are. I can tell you from personal experience that once you reach you, the real you, the 110% person that you can possibly be; life will flow better. That's a weird word to use in dealing with life, but it's true. I mean there are setbacks and challenges that make your head spin but nothing that you can't handle. You will never be liked and admired by everyone you meet and that's not a negative thing. It helps you grow. It helps you know who you are, what you like in people and what you don't like. If every single person on this planet liked each other...think how boring life would be. I mean borrriinngggg! Conflict is not a bad thing. Conflict is bad when people are close minded and shut off to new ideas but conflict that leads to new ideas and growth are great! Don't be so set in your ways that it turns people off. What? Are you 90?!?

*Trust people!
This world is ours for the taking and we only get one shot at life. As corny as it sounds it is true.
Why not trust people? Why not give someone 110% of you? You may have gotten burned before and I'm not saying throw yourself in the fire, I mean make some what of an educated guess before skating on the pond in the winter!!! People will surprise you in good and bad ways. Trust people! It is so important for the self to be able to trust. Regardless of the past be in the present!

*Be positive!
Like attracts like so if you think positive, positive things are bound to happen. Again, sounds corny but tis true! Optimistic outlooks always win.

2013 is going to be an amazing year, I feel it.
I feel I am me and that is a feeling unlike no other.
I am happy to be in the lives of people surrounding me.
-Ashley Nichole