Monday, September 24, 2012


    Here we are again in a different time and space. I just spent the entire weekend studying so that I could get an A on this chem test, and you know what? I have that super excited feeling inside that I did just that. Let me tell you how hard it is to be super disciplined to stay at home while all of your friends are at the plaza art fair, or out relaxing having a grand old time just shooting the shit. IT FEELS TERRIBLE to be inside reading a book that I have little to no understanding of, but I did it. I grasped those damned concepts and equations.
IN YO FACE, self!

    I haven't written much, for a few reasons. I felt like I was lacking in creativity. I have way to much h.w. for a normal human being or so it feels. I also stopped writing because I just didn't want to. Just after feeling discouraged about writing I read an info-graphic about being a good writer. It said that good writers read a lot. Good writers write about EVERYTHING. It said that you should write about doing everyday things that way you learn to make your writing interesting no matter what the topic. I liiiiike it. I can do that.
(Another thing. I hate titling things. Knowing that one word could make or break if someone is interested in reading what you write. So maybe I just won't title what I write?!) I know my writing skill are nothing that of a Ivy league English major (is the "i" supposed to be caps? See what I mean!!!), but I do love writing. There's nothing better than loving something you like to do.

    I have collected a whole slew of awesome things from my picking this past month. I should probably stop collecting things though. I should start selling them. I have a house to myself and it's getting rather full. (But full of awesomeness!) I found an oriental rug Friday that I HAD to have. So I got it. I got it for next to nothing. My mother says I should start my own booth at an antique store, I don't feel like I have the time.

Good grades= better placement at the school I want, better chances at scholarships and all in all better knowledge of the subjects so I can be the best nurse possible.

    I wish that I was this driven when I was younger, but it didn't happen that way. I am glad I got the past out of the way. I couldn't be happier to be where I am now with the people I'm with. I have the greatest friends surrounding me with support and encouragement I need to finish school. Not to mention the most amazing man by my side being patent and understanding. My heart is filled with hope, passion and love, the worry that it was once filled with has subsided.

Off to chem lab I go!
Ashley Nichole Thomas

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