Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just stunn'n with my love-glue-gunning.

The weather couldn't be any more perfect these past days. I love the taste of spring, but I'd much rather have a plate full of summer! I can't wait!

Being so busy latley has made me so tired! Ahhh, but I love it!
Right now I have no complaints. Weird I know. Just saving up $$$ (or trying too!).

Some people see only in black and white, I only see in color!
Life is beautiful.

Today I got one of the most odd but awesome compliments.
Made my day.

I'm at peace with myself which I'm so thankful for.
Feels great to be where I am now!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's weird.

I'm weird. Your weird, we're all friends.
The world is a happy place.

I've stopped planning life. I'm gonna ride the waves and see where it takes me.
I'm excited!

Back to my clinical hours this coming week! EEEEK! Gott'a get 'em done before I can have all my fun!

I haven't had fast food in 3 weeks! Yes, almost a month. I must not be American.

I'm not used to all this newness. I knew it existed. I WAS right.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My heart is full.

I'm a little irritated. Just a little.

P.M.S.<---That explains it all.

I really wanted to go back to school this semester but I can't. Which is semi-okay because I do need to finish all my clinical hours.

My right hip hurts still, from my amazing fall.

My liver hates me, like really hates me. But I'm having fun so I guess it's okay.

Children all over the world are still starving.

It's cold out and the sun is not shining.

Enough, I'm done. lol.
Back to this LAME ASS inventory.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Right now.

Beside my little findings I'm great. Actually I couldn't be happier. Honestly. Life has been going really well. I haven't laughed or smiled like this is a long while. I can't wait to get all my nursing stuff lined up so I can actually get this show on the road. I'm so determined to get my life together.

I have a new found love. Lady Gaga. She's super pretty, has amazing style, I can relate to her music, she can's the whole package. Look at her hair! It's love! Hahaha.

Gott'a get ready!
I'm out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A rolling stone gathers no moss....

So I was super productive on my day off, it felt so good!

I started my new workout program, I will be toned for summer guaranteed.
I read my new fashion book I got for Christmas. I love it, it's so inspirational!
Helped my dad snake my sink pipe, hahaha. Priceless. I was wearing sunglasses so nothing got in my eyes. My dad can fix anything, even broken hearts. Love him.
I had my meditation time with tea and hummus.
Now, now I want to play! I have a ton of energy right now and I could go crazy with it all bottled up like this. Not a good thing for a person with a.d.h.d.

I have to start up clinical hours again next Wednesday. I've got new scrubs and all. I'm ready. I miss the slightly strange people that I helped. They made me feel half way normal.

I need to write:

Empty feelings make up for lost words. Actions speak louder then words, I see.
Some people should just be friends, people like you and me. Life in general is a battle, being with someone you love should never feel like blood shed, but I guess in the end if there was no blood shed it would never be over. The knife went in through your heart and out through your mouth, where it left you speechless.
As life goes on my mine still wonders, it never stops actually. Who wakes up at 4 am just to worry? It used to be you, you'd wake me in my sleep because you thought I did something fucked up. All that worrying, being angry and wasting time being a dick. Where did that get us? Please tell me? Please tell me why you came into my life? I know why I was in yours.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome '09!

I'm so tired of people. I mean really, grow the fuck up. (And I hate that word.) I've decided to take a stand for myself. I'VE RAISED THE BAR. Geessus.
My dearest, bestest friend of almost 23 years wrote me the most inspirational e-mail I've ever had. It's people like her and the Courtney(s) that help me see what I really deserve. They say when one door closes another one opens.... Well that door was closed a long time ago. And it's true another door has opened.

Here is the promise to myself:
I promise not to let someone control me by being manipulative.
I promise the first time I let go, it will be the last.
I promise to get done what I need done first, my education.
I promise that the next person I give my heart to will be worth with. And they will be able to trust me, because I am a good girl.


Sorry just a little "ness" I needed to get off my chest. And please no more 4 am text messages. I do sleep at night.